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3D animation projects for all major social media platforms.

100's of high quality 3D animation projects to chose from. Our render farm has 100's of cores to produce stunning animations in minutes. We can mange your digital campaign via Hootsuite® or be your back office digital media team. We want to work for you!!!

Video for Social Media is our new online 3D animation service from Newton Animations. This is a truly unique and a first ever of its kind service. We offer affordable animated video templates that you personalize for use in your social media campaigns...or for any video project for that matter. Chose a video then provide your own message and/or media and we produce your animation, a do it yourself animation service. Our templates are offered in exact sizes and lengths appropriate for all major social media platforms. Of course you can order animated video for use in any project, social media related or otherwise. Some of our templates are intentionally very simple and straightforward (and you even pick the colors) & some are complex. We are available for custom animation work as well.


We deliver your animated video via e-mail or via Google Dropbox.


Video for Social Media grew out of our ever growing and popular NewsToons® online animation service that can be found at A NewsToons is a 30 second to 2 minute narrated cartoon style newscast you write yourself. We then produce the newscast using the actual news anchors from Children’s News Network®. You can even provide pictures and/or videos to be shown in the background just like a traditional newscast. NewsToons was originally created primarily for kids as a way for parents to say great job to their kids for an effort, success or milestone. A NewsToons is now also a great gag gift for adults.


We are experts in Cinema 4D and most Adobe platforms…as well as the more popular plug ins. Virtually every video we produce is rendered via Cinema 4D and/or Adobe video toolsets. We have one of the most advanced render farms in the country...monsters with plenty of speed and memory where it counts. We can produce these animations in minutes versus the hours or even days it might take you to do it yourself. WE LOVE IT!!!


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